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Meditation and Yoga

Yoga Room


Tuesdays at 6pm (first four Tuesdays each month): Equilibrium-MBSR’s Community Sit

 Please note: The Community Sit will be available through Zoom to protect public health. You can sign in at https://zoom.us/j/194464451?pwd=VnJjVEJjN1k3ZUU2NVJoUEJnMWdOQT09

The Community Sit at Midtown Mindfulness is led by the teachers from Equilibrium-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (http://equilibrium-mbsr.com) and is a 45 minutes to an hour meditation and teaching several times a month. Donations to cover the rent are accepted, but no fee is required. Meditation is not necessarily a religious or a spiritual practice, although it can be part of either of these. It can be the development of a discipline of living in the moment, a practice of building a different relationship with bodily experiences including chronic pain, or a way of observing thoughts and feelings instead of simply swirling around with them. As with yoga, there are many different schools of meditation. Here at Midtown Mindfulness, we encourage meditation as a practice to develop the core aspects of the self: emotional, mental, and perhaps spiritual. Meditation facilitates learning to observe patterns of the mind and, often by doing so, changing  patterns of thought and behavior. 

Meditation is a practice designed to give the practitioner tools of non-judgmental awareness and compassion for self and others.


Wednesdays, 6-7 pm: Community Yogi’s Wednesday Evening Bliss

Please note: Wednesday Evening Bliss has been temporarily changed to an on-line format for the sake of protecting public health. Wednesday Evening Bliss is a class in Yin Yoga taught by Lee Ann Maynard, Certified Yoga Instructor. This class is designed “to release and refresh your body and mind after the stresses of a busy week.” At Community Yogi, we “believe in making yoga and meditation classes affordable and accessible for everyone…. Our mission is to bring the transformational power of mindfulness to those who may not otherwise have found it, so students can choose their price for every class we offer, and can even try yoga and meditation for free!” The suggested “Prana Pay” (https://www.communityogi.com/prana-pay) is $12 per class, except for the Yoga and Reiki class on the second Tuesday of the month, when there are two instructors. The fourth Tuesday of the month is Yoga and Poetry. Sign up at https://www.communityogi.com/friday-bliss-midtown-mindfulness Questions? e-mail om@communityogi.com or 618-334-0071.

Yoga is a practice of being at peace within one’s body through trust and attunement to what the body needs.